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Bring on 2020

Wow, has a new decade really started? I wonder what this year will bring.

I am sitting in my studio which has had 'the treatment' with a massive cleanup, culling of all stagnant artworks, upgrading of websites, and reduction of prices for older works.

2019 was a wonderful year, with over 45 paintings finding their forever homes which is extremely gratifying but at the same time very humbling in the fact that my work is being enjoyed in so many new homes. Unbelievable really.

A new Gallery at Palm Beach on Sydneys North Shore, is representing my work this year which has added new opportunities and excitement, especially when all the artists involved

"SIT" the Gallery once a month.

So interesting to hear collectors discussing your work when they don't actually know you are listening!!!!!

The stunning Levee Art Gallery and Studios in Maitland, which also has my work, has had an extremely busy year and it is an honour to exhibit in such beautiful surroundings.

Tangled Washing.

Amidst the drought and bushfires and worry about the worries of the World in general, my beautiful studio, old radio station and stack of poetry books provide the loveliest escape and I feel very fortunate to call myself an Australian Artist who hopefully adds a little splash of colour to this world.

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