Art Gallery Displays

Meg Lewer is a resident artist at the following locations, with new paintings displayed at regular intervals.   I am onsite at the Art Gallery on Palm Beach on selected days, contact me to find out when.

Click on the links/images below to find out more about the gallery, opening hours and local eateries.   Please contact me to discuss providing artwork for your gallery or venue.  



Deonte Wines & Meg Lewer Artist...what a Blend!

Eight of Meg Lewer's vibrant artwork pieces have been selected for the label of a

range of Australian Red Wine, being produced and exported by Deonte Wines.  

A key part of their philosophy is the support of Art Culture and the Community.  

Deonte produce up to 500,000 bottles of Estate and Reserve wine for export to

restaurants throughout China, featuring artwork by Meg Lewer.  And Meg confirms

the Deonte Wines don't just look great....they taste great!

Bluethumb & Art Lovers Australia

Meg Lewer Artwork is SOLD direct via me (the Artist)...but I also have a profile and artwork listing with

Bluethumb, Gallery247 & Art Lovers Australia - Australia's largest online art galleries.

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